Tuesday, November 13, 2012

luxating patella

another year has flown by and it's time again for bailey's vaccinations. she was a brave little girl and didn't even flinch with the injection. as a reward doc gave her a jerky treat and three more for the road!

since i was there, i mentioned to our vet that sometimes when bailey runs, she skips or bunny hops. he said that is caused by a luxating patella, basically she has a trick knee. he said to keep an eye on her and if it becomes an issue we'll deal with it at that time but since it doesn't seem to bother her, she's good to go.

btw, bailey did not eat the jerkey as soon as she got into the car. she brought them all home and will share them with aoife over the next couple of days.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. Our Chi has that issue with the knee. As long as they don't over do...

  2. Didn't even flinch?! Why to be Bailey. You are brave and generous to share your treats.

  3. Bailey you are so brave! I like to scream and scare my mummy when I see a needle tehe!

    Waggly tail!


  4. You are very brave Ms Bailey. We know so many pups that do that skip, weird that so so many of us have it
    Benny & Lily