Friday, September 21, 2012

sad, sad dog park

we were in san bernardino the other day so i searched my dog park finder app to find us somewhere to take bailey. it searched the area we were in and pulled up wildwood dog park. when we drove up, there was a nice welcome sign greeting us. unfortunately that was the only nice thing about the park.

when we got to the small dog area, there was a really big dog in there and he didn't look very friendly. why was he there when on the other side of the fence is the big dog area? well we weren't going to take our little bailey in with a dog we don't know. the dog's person saw us and didn't even offer to remove her dog to the other side. she just stayed there! so we took bailey to the people side of the park. she was bummed that she had to stay on leash but we had no choice.

on our stroll through the park we saw a woodpecker!

when the woman and her dog finally decided to leave, we were able to enter the small dog area. it was so sad. it was all dirt with just a small patch of lawn under the lonely tree. i don't know why it was so neglected when the large dog area had lots of green lawn to frolic on. hey san bernardino, little dogs wanna have green lawn too!

bailey wasn't very happy there and told us she was hot and wanted to leave. needless to say, we will NOT be returning to wildwood dog park :(

have a great weekend my friends-


  1. Aww, that's too bad. I bet if the dog owner was told they were in the little dog area he/she would have growled.

  2. That is terrible. Bailey deserves so much more.

  3. Our dog park is also grass-less. So silly! We never go there.


  4. Our dog park is sand, which is random! I am sorry you had a bad time, but I am glad you shared the dog park app! I want to download it!