Monday, January 30, 2012

tiny toy for a tiny dog

this little teddy bear is bailey's favorite toy. it's really hard to find tiny toys for tiny dogs, believe me i've looked, but at only 3 1/2" this little teddy is just her size. she doesn't have the jaw strength to squeak it so since the squeaker is removable, we took it out and stuffed him with cellophane. she loves the crinkly sound it makes now.
if it was so hard for me to find tiny toys, i figured it must be hard for others to find them too. because of this, i decided to carry them at kibbles place. (these tiny toys are also available as a froggie and a ducky).


  1. I have all three of them! You are right, it's hard to find tiny toys so when mom found them she got me all of them and they are my favorite!


  2. This picture is adorable beyond words! Tucker is strange, I have found several small toys and he likes them but his favorites are always toys three times his size that he can pull and drag around.

  3. What a sweet photo!
    I agree, I have looked everywhere for tiny toys. Ours have a miniature kong, a miniature rubber chicken, assorted tiny squeak toys, mini tennis balls and wubba.
    What a sweetie Bailey is.
    Lynne x

  4. Bailey, looks soooo cute all snuggled with teddy. Nice collar too!