Wednesday, May 8, 2019

say’s phoebe #WildlifeWednesday

our babies have grown and left the nest last week but here are a few photos taken before they left.
with all the painted ladies that have been migrating by our home, the parents had no problem finding food to feed the babies.

these babies are just about ready to leave us. i love their funny faces.

this is the first baby to leave the nest.

he landed on our car and made several trips to our tree, then back to our car.

a parents job is never done. they are still catching butterflies to feed the brood.

his little beak is open because he saw his parent fly by with food.

doesn’t it look like he got upset he didn’t get any of that butterfly? BOL

good-bye my little feathered friends.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. Beautiful pictures of these lovely birds. Time to say good-bye to them but you enjoyed having them for a while. Now you can use the front door again.

  2. Ilove that you were able to snap these pretties, perfect timing! great shots. Bye bye birdies, enjoy your newfound . freedom, you will always have a home and a meal should you return