Thursday, April 4, 2019

mind blown

while shopping the other day, we ran into a lady that blew my mind. she started off with the usual: "your dog’s so cute, how old is she?" then...

"is she a teacup?" i get that question a lot. instead of schooling people that a "teacup" chihuahua isn’t really a thing (according to the chihuahua club of america), i just tell them bailey is 4 pounds. her response was "oh, so she’s not a teacup." um, i never said she was! then she goes right into...

"has she ever had babies?" what kind of question is that?! i’m already beyond annoyed with her so i told her 'of course not!' and we walked away.

it was the strangest interaction i’ve ever had with a stranger and left me quite irritated. have you ever been asked a ridiculous question about your fur baby that blew your mind?

until we meet again my friends-


  1. I don't know why but some folks are annoying and just like to ask a lot of questions. They will never see you again and you will never see them either.

  2. yep. I HATE when people ask if Dakota is a Collie or a "Mini Collie"...first of all, Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs (which is what Dakota is), are two totally different breeds...and....there is no such thing as a "Mini Collie" I feel your pain!

  3. DEAR GOD!!! and YES!!..."Why do you have dogs that can't breath?" Mommy wanted to say HBO words
    Lily & Edward

    Pee S. I saw your side column, we are so so so sad about Aoife. We didn't konw.

  4. All the time! Is that a Schnauzer?? I've never seen one that color before?? NO! It's NOT a Schnauzer....she's an Airedale. Oh, like a big Lakeland?? NO. they are different breeds. OR, I gets the 'is that an Airedale'??? I used to have one when I was a kid! yeah, they are a lot of work. Okays, that one is true. LOL What I love the most is when people ask to 'pet' Ruby, and I always say, if you don't mind lots of slobber! rarely do they go ahead and pet her ☺