Friday, January 26, 2018

remembering angel kibbles

before bailey, there was kibbles, my heart dog, and today marks another year without her. i found kibbles, a scrawny little dachshund mix, at a local shelter in 1995.


she was the smartest little dog i've ever known. she understood everything i said and even things i didn't say. it was like she could read my mind. she was sweet and gentle and full of life and i loved her more than anything.

in november of 2009, my beautiful little girl was diagnosed with kidney disease. that was the beginning of the end because 2 months after that she was diagnosed with cancer and just like that, she was gone. she was my once-in-a-lifetime dog and my heart still aches for her.

kibbles was such a sweetheart, i have no doubt she's been sitting patiently at the bridge, just waiting for aoife to join her. i can just imagine how happy she was to see her again. and since there is no illness in doggie heaven, they can run around and play, just like they used to.

kibbles & aoife in 2007

until we meet again my friends-


  1. What a lovely little doll she was! I love all of my dogs, but my Josey who I lost 3 years ago was my heart dog, so I totally understand what you mean about that special connection; I still cry if I let myself think about her for for than a few seconds at a time. Kibbles had a great, long life with you :)

  2. Hopefully she’s not waiting anymore. Eef should be right here, ready to pull her tail and sleep in her beds, and do all the annoying things she used to do to her!. :)