Monday, March 6, 2017

she's ok now, but...

our day started out like any other. we went out for coffee and to take some pictures. i got this one before our day went sideways.

as bailey was walking around, she stopped to sniff something. what was she sniffing, you ask? a pile of red ants!

hubby picked her up straight away, made sure she didn't have an ant on her and put her back down on the ground, away from the ant pile of course. when he put her down, she wouldn't step on her front leg. he lifted her up again and her leg was shaking and she wouldn't straighten it. it looked like it was being pulled up by a string. OMG, what happened.

we were 1 hour away from home and it was a saturday. what are we supposed to do? i googled the area we were in to see if there was a vet nearby, that would happen to be open. as luck would have it, there was one right across the street and he was open! [i know, what are the chances, right?] we took her in and told them we think she was bitten by an ant. [that sounds kinda silly now, but she's so tiny and her leg was shaking and she wouldn't step on her foot.] the vet was very nice and looked at her foot very closely. he saw a slight swelling but didn't feel she needed any medication. he said we could give her childrens benadryl for pain but she should be fine in a couple of days without any treatment. OMG, i can't even tell you what a relief it was to hear that.
we stayed home all day yesterday, just as an added precaution, but she was fine all day. no limping. no discomfort. thank goodness.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. How fortunate you were that a vet was right across the street and that you could get an appointment. Glad it all turned out well.

  2. What luck you had to get an answer so quickly and such a good one at that! And it's very lucky for Bailey that you kept such a close eye on her or she might have gotten even more bites. Pats on the backs for being such wonderful pet parents.

  3. oh my what a scare! Thank goodness all turned out well!!! Sending (((hugs)))

  4. Those ants sure can be nasty. Back in 1992 when we first moved to Florida and didn't know a thing about "fire ants", we had a little Doxie puppy named Tara. She was exploring her new backyard and saw a mound of sand and started rolling in it. Yep, the mound was home to fire ants and she was bitten all over. We also ran to the vet and he gave her a couple of shots. Fortunately she also recovered quickly and we learned about Fire Ants quickly. Tara lived to a ripe old age of 17 and never went near a fire ant mound again. And we learned how to kill fire ants. :)

  5. Oooooooh NOES!!!! Oh gurl, you be careful!!!! I am so glads you gots a super duper fast Pops! Luckily, we don't have those around the city here (that I know of..yet) butts I hear they are just the nastiest little buggers!!! I am soooo happy that you are okays, and don't scare you Moms like that again gurl!!!! They can only take so much! ☺
    Ruby ♥♥

  6. Well that's just terrible. Where were you? and do not go back! Poor little Bailey, glad she is alright.

  7. So scary. We are so glad that Bailey recovered so quickly. That can be so dangerous for the tiny children.How amazinng for an open vet to be across the street.Bijou got into an ant hill, not long after coming to live with me. Darn red ants are everywhere in south Louisiana. We got lucky as she only had one bite also.Bij is tiny like darling Bailey, but not quite as dainty. Anyway, she recovered quickly as well. Sometimes being an adventurous little soul can be such a hazard.
    Much love to Bailey and her watchful, quick acting Mommy and Daddy.