Thursday, April 21, 2016

oops, she did it again, & again

well guess what. ms hummingbird has been redecorating her nest and the other day i found

and a few days later i found

it sure is a good thing i didn't remove it! she had left it in such disarray, i didn't think anybird would want to reuse it. but she tidied it up, brought in fresh fluff, feathers, greens and fresh camouflage material and now her nest is good as new!

until we meet again my friends-


  1. how cool - more babies to watch grow :)

  2. Someone must of told her about recycling so she decided to give it a try. How exciting to see new babies again.

  3. OMD, ours came back too!!!! Butts ours is like 12 feets up, so Ma can't gets a peek inside the nest, butts yes, if you leave it, the Hummers will come back every year and just 'add' to it! Ours is like 6 inches tall nows! (plus, lots and lots of burdie poops! Ma says this is the last year, it HAS to be cleaned, and the burdies are just gonna have to re-build next years!)
    Ruby ♥