Thursday, July 24, 2014

backyard project nearly complete

well, it took a few days but the heavy lifting is done and the decorating has begun. i still need to add a few more things like flower pots and an umbrella but i'm ok with sharing it at this stage. (plus my folks are anxious to see what we've been up to.)

"welcome to our renovation"

i didn't think to take a picture before this one but trust me, it was bad. it was just a dirt patch that was a catch-all for all the junk that ends up in a backyard. the dogs weren't even allowed up there because it was that bad. we had to add the picket fence a while back as a barrier and we blocked off the opening so they couldn't enter the "pit of despair".

all of hubby's work has turned our embarrassing landfill into this:

we have a little place to sit with a cup of coffee, because one always needs a place to have coffee.

"how do you take your coffee?"

aoife is already ready!

the left side's not done yet but i think it's a good place to show off my vintage trike. i still need to add some colorful pots and what-nots.

we've had this little deer forever and bailey has never paid it any attention. now all of a sudden she is intrigued by her.

as you can see it has NO shade, so adding some protection from our brutal california sun is top on our list.

thanks to my hubby for all his hard work. there wasn't any blood or tears but there was plenty of sweat laying that floor!

until we meet again my friends-


  1. that is sooo vibrant and darling!!! Absolutely LOVE IT! You did an AMAZING job!

  2. forgot to say that the door is one of the most clever and wonderful additions I have ever seen!

  3. Had no idea what to expect for that area but must say it's BEAUTIFUL! What a lovely and peaceful place to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in my case.

  4. Love the bright orange! Great job!

  5. Oh my dawg Bailey your yard looks fantastic. I love the orange
    Lily & Edward

  6. That is so awesome!!! We are totally jealous!! Great job!!!

  7. Wow that looks terrific! I love the bright orange! It's so nice to have an outdoor spot for the morning coffee.