Thursday, May 23, 2013

don't shop, ADOPT!

bailey and i are huge proponents of adoption and rescue. there are thousands pets being killed on a daily basis at the shelters through no fault of their own. the general public has to be made aware that the shelters have perfectly good pets just waiting to be adopted.
yes, shelters are a sad place. yes, it will break you heart when you see so many lonely pets waiting to be freed from their impending doom. no, you may not find the pet you are looking for on your first visit. yes, you may need to return time and time again. believe me, i know.
when i adopted my precious kibbles in 1995, i visited several shelters: pasadena, san gabriel, pomona, baldwin park... and i finally found her in duarte. i made numerous visits to each shelter. it broke my heart that even though i visited the same shelters, there were always different dogs. kibbles was the perfect addition to our family and she lived with us for almost 15 years!
shelter dogs are not defective and i don't think everyone understands that. i get calls on a regular basis, because of my business, asking if i sell dogs. i always refer them to their local shelter and i can tell by their response that is not the answer they were looking for. please help bailey and i to educate the uneducated about rescue and adoption.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. I agree with you, Bailey! It is always better to adopt!
    *high paws*

  2. Mom wishes she could adopt all the pets, makes her heart break!

  3. My shelter dog is the BEST dog I've ever had, and I've had many. Some have baggage but nothing a little love and training can't fix. Worth every moment.

  4. We couldn't agree with you more, Bailey. Beamer was adopted (shh, he has no idea) and it was the best decision we ever made. He's the perfect dog (at least to us). Being almost all black, he was the last of his litter to get adopted, which is common for black animals. Such a shame that people judge animals (and people) by their colour.

  5. I so agree! Both my cats are adopted. One from our Humane society and the other one you might say he was rescued he was dumped in a park with his two brothers and sister when they were just babies.

    I worry about the dogs in pet stores because most of them come from puppy mills, so they need rescuing too! That's where my Ruby came from. I felt guilty for buying through a pet store but after investigating as to where she came from I'm glad I did. I would hate to think of her not getting a good home and perhaps having to be returned to where she came from.

  6. Bailey you are so sweet to tell your mommy to make this post. Our first dog was a shelter dog and have adopted after that one. Most of our dogs were rescued from the streets. Now we feed feral cats who also need love and attention. While having breakfast we just spotted two kittens in our patio, don't know where they came from we haven't had kittens here in several years because we always catch the cats and get them fixed. Will have to keep watching these two.

  7. My dog loves to do raspberries. How cute!

  8. It is always better to adopt than shop when you can. You virtually never see chihuahuas in shelters over here. I did ring a couple and they said they never have them (which is great for the chihuahuas).
    The worst thing you can do is buy a dog from a shop, they are always from puppy farms or backstreet breeders.
    Lynne x

  9. Yes, adoption is so great! Shelters are full of animals just waiting for somebody to love them.


  10. We totally and completely agree!

    As a pack of rescues, some with special needs, we know how wonderful rescues can be. A great post and the more we tell people about the joys of rescue, the more lives we can potentially save.

  11. Hi there!
    Finn and I wanted to let you know we nominated you guys for two blogging awards. The details are on our post:

    Coralee and Finn

  12. Amen to that! I have always had shelter/rescue pups and I sure couldn't have asked for better family members!