Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"orange is the happiest color" -frank sinatra

my favorite color is orange; it makes me happy. i have lots of it in my backyard so today bailey fits right in with her orange love tank top.
yes, that is an orange door behind bay. it was our old front door that hubby spray painted real orange by rust-oleum. i love how it turned out and is a huge pop of color at the end of my flower bed.

sometimes bailey likes to make the squinty chihuahua eyes...

i prefer these big round marble eyes.


  1. It is a VERY HAPPY COLOR! Enjoy!

  2. Oh I love that second picture! They are all great, but the 2nd one really made my lips turn up.

  3. ahhh lovely pictures, im glad you shared your favourite colour with us. turquoise is mine, the more i have around me the happier i feel :) glad orange makes you happy. i love baileys little marble eyed face, so cute xxx

  4. I love all your pictures and your eyes are beautiful!!

    xoxo Higgy

  5. Bailey looks beautiful in her orange :)

  6. Aw,how cute Bailey is! I have 3 pound puppies and they are the best dogs! You out number me, I just can't pass them up if they are wandering aroud. Hugs, Lynn