Friday, April 13, 2012

bailey goes rock climbing

well not really, but our city does have a lot a really big rocks that i can put bailey on, making it look like she is rock climbing.

this boulder is REALLY big.

"hellooo dooown theeere!"

at no time was bailey ever in danger.


  1. Wow, at first I was thinking, "How did they pull that off?!?!" Finn loves rock climbing like this too - she really enjoys being up high. Looks like the same with Bailey! How fun is that!

  2. Way to go Bailey!! You "ROCK"....BLAAHAHAHAH! We love rock climbing too. Also is that a new harness. We think that color makes you look even more cuter than usual. Happy Friday! :)

    ~Weinerful Gang~

    1. yes it is a new harness! wow, you're pretty observant. mom's favorite color is orange, hence the orange harness.
      xoxo, bailey

  3. wow, that Mt. Everest?
    Benny & Lily