Thursday, March 29, 2012

aoife wants to play; bailey not so much

aoife is desperate to play with bailey but bailey just can't be bothered. aoife tried all her tricks, back kicking, barking, butt up, but little bailey wanted nothing to do with her shenanigans.  as you can see by the last picture, it's as if she's asking me to make aoife go away.  poor eef :(


  1. That last photo is so funny, lol. I think Rama can relate. She does everything she can to get The Littles to play with her but they don't like her at all. :-( Poor Rama. Poor Aoife. Perhaps Rama and Aoife should have a playdate!

  2. So adorable! I love that Aoife is in pounce mode and Bailey is so over it.

  3. I love how she is looking over her shoulder at you as if to say "is she never going to get it?"
    Very funny.
    Lynne x